This book is a collection of stories about Dingle and my time growing up in the family bar. 

  • Released in 2016, 'Dingle Before Fungi Came to Town' recalls Carl's time growing up in the family bar, stories of butchers, bakers, carpenters and tailors, and many more. Stories of bonfires, regattas, races and wren's days. This book not only offers a look into Carl's personal and often humorous experiences and outlook growing up, but also gives the reader an insight into what life was like growing up in rural Ireland during the 60's and 70's.

    Carl recalls the great characters from yesteryear and many golden nuggets from the towns history. With chapter heading's including "Bottle Boy, Blind Lobsters & Barring Orders" and "Wrenboys, Strawboys, Salty Ling with White Sauce", you can be guaranteed to laugh your way through some of the pages, but also gain an understanding of what made places like Dingle and it's neighbouring towns so unique.

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